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Good Luck Charm


As you have noticed, the evil eye has become an iconic symbol here at South Parade. Not only has it basically become a part of our brand image, but a popular fashion trend around the U.S. When it comes to trends, there is possibly no image more symbolic or recognized for protection than the evil eye.



Over the course of the years, throughout history and across different cultures and religions, the evil eye amulet has been known to protect anyone from what is known as the “evil eye” look. This is considered to be any harmful wishes that could affect your well-being or any aspect of your life that are given by just a gaze or stare. To learn more about the evil eye history, click here.


We believe that our unique, evil eye amulet pieces will also protect you against any evil forces this world may hold, and not to mention you will be looking fashionably stylish while doing so – it’s a win win!



Shop our new Evil Eye styles this Spring 2020!


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