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The Difference Between Pima/Modal and Regular Cotton

We’re big believers in the idea that what you wear influences the way you feel, so we offer you some of the best pima cotton t-shirts and outfits available. Why move through the world in anything but fabrics that make you feel cozy and at ease while still looking adorable? What makes us unique lies in the differences between pima cotton and regular cotton. Premium materials, like modal and pima cotton, will add a feeling of lightness and effortless luxury to your day. Read on about how the right fabric can revolutionize your wardrobe.

Pima Cotton—What you Need to Know

Pima cotton consists of long staple fibers that make up this material’s uniquely smooth and supple feel. At South Parade, we create the best pima cotton t-shirts from pima cotton sourced in Peru. The unique growing conditions on the Peruvian coast bring abundant crops, which are hand-harvested to preserve the integrity of the fibers. The result: luxe, supple cotton that is prized by fashion insiders.

Pima Vs. Regular Cotton Softness

The longer staple length of pima cotton means that it produces a thinner yarn, resulting in the tightly woven, super soft feeling of the best pima cotton t-shirts. Regular cotton that has been harvested industrially has shorter fibers, and those fibers often get broken during the harvesting process, resulting in low-quality, thick, scratchy cotton that doesn’t feel good! Clothing isn’t just a covering—it’s also an experience, and pima cotton allows you to experience comfort, silkiness, and luxury.

Pima Vs. Regular Cotton Durability

Still wondering what is the difference between pima cotton and regular cotton? In addition to being softer than regular cotton, pima cotton is known to be more durable. It is resistant to common issues like fraying, tearing, and general wear and tear, while regular cotton tends to show signs of age sooner. Many retailers and manufacturers assert that due to its longer fiber length, pima cotton has an average of a 50% longer lifespan than regular cotton.

Modal Vs. Regular Cotton

Modal is technically a type of rayon which boasts a superior silky feel. Compared to regular cotton, its softness and strong fibers mean that it is far less prone to shrinking, wrinkling, and pilling—a win for any fashion lover. At South Parade, we use modal for many of our tees, tanks, and sweatshirts, occasionally blending modal and pima cotton to create a plush combination with a totally addictive texture.

Pima Cotton and Modal Clothing

From luxury graphic tees to long sleeves and beyond, pima cotton and modal are on the rise. These fabrics are a fantastic boon to the fashion community, allowing designers to infuse casual styles with a distinctively refined look and feel. As a shopper, you’ll soon be a convert: once you make the transition to modal and pima cotton, you’ll never look back.

Discover Luxury Basics at South Parade

At South Parade we marry street style with high fashion to create luxury basics, sweatshirts and hoodies, bottoms, and the best pima cotton t-shirts. We believe that casual clothes deserve supreme attention to detail, which is why we’re obsessed with finding the perfect fit, flattering silhouettes, graphics full of attitude, and perfectly placed embellishments. To see more of what we do, follow us on Instagram or start shopping our latest collections.


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