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The History of Spritz

 Spritz has become a lifestyle…


Spritz is an Italian aperitif cocktail common in northern Italy, specifically Venice and the Veneto region. Here, this bittersweet bright colored cocktail is known as 'Spritz Al Bitter' or 'Spritz Veneziano.'



It’s origin dates back to the 19th century when Venice was still part of the Austrian empire, the soldiers would often dilute their wines with water to achieve a more lighter and similar taste to the beer they were familiarized to drink. This is how the first Spritz was created, the actual name coming from the German word “Spritzen,” meaning spray or splash.


While it has had many variations throughout the centuries, the modern day Spritz consists of a prosecco based cocktail with a splash of an aperitif. What is an aperitif you may ask? Well it is an alcoholic liqueur that is usually bitter with fruity and herbal flavors. They are made from a wide range of ingredients, which is what makes each and every one of them different. Some aperitifs are wine or spirit based, but most are flavored with their own mixture of herbs, spices, fruits, citrus, and even vegetables.


One thing that distinguishes one Spritz cocktail from the other is the type of aperitif you use. The two most popular aperitifs are Aperol and Campari, but there is a wide range of brands that scale from bitter to sweet to choose from. Other brands of aperitifs or bitter liqueurs to choose from are Cappelletti, Cynar, Zucca, Select, Gran Classico and more.



After it’s creation, it became very popular all over Italy, especially with young social adults. Since the 50’s, Spritz has represented the Italian culture in many aspects as it has evolved with the culture and have become a part of it.


Now, Spritz has become so popular outside of Italy that is one of the bestselling cocktails in the U.S. This drink has become synonymous with “summer drinking” because of its refreshing and citrus taste, it is meant to be enjoyed and drunken in an unhurried fashion during a hot Summer day.


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